Letters from Satisfied Users

Below are just some of the great letters, emails and other feedback that we have received from users of our comfortable Arm Sling Neck Cushion.

Grandma – Hunt Valley, Maryland – “Granddaughter in Pain”

I felt so sorry for my 6 year old granddaughter after she broke her arm when she fell off her swing in the backyard. I saw her the day after the doctor put the cast on her arm. She was not happy and very uncomfortable. She kept moving the sling strap on her neck and I ask if the strap was bothering her, it was obvious from the red mark on her neck and shoulder that the strap was hurting her. I opened my laptop and searched for something to relieve her pain. I found the Arm Sling Neck Cushion Kit and when it came UPS the cushion was a little long for my granddaughters neck, but the instructions said to cut it to fit, which I did and slipped it over her sling strap and your should have saw her sad little face make a big smile. She gave me a big kiss and said thanks, Grandma.

RB – New Freedom, PA – “Rotator Cup Surgery”

After my rotator cup surgery, I woke up with an arm sling. While still in the Hospital the sling strap began to irritate my neck and shoulder, I tried wrapping a small wash rag around the strap but that was not comfortable, the nurse said try a sanitary pad and that fell off, I thought that was a bit weird anyway. Searched on Goggle and found the Arm Sling Neck Cushion and my discomfort was gone.

Marie – Port St Lucie, Florida – “Broken Arm?”

Fell from my bike and broke my arm. The doctor put a heavy cast on my arm and said it will take 12 weeks to heal. The sling strap cut into my shoulder and felt heavy. I installed the Arm Sling Neck Cushion is less than a minute and had immediate relief. The cushion and pillow case covering were soft and spongy and felt good. I ordered the black pillow case cover, so my make-up stains won’t show.

Tom – Port St Lucie, Florida – “Why Suffer?”

After my shoulder surgery the healing pain was not fun, and then the sling strap started rubbing my neck sore. I looked for something to relieve the rubbing and found the Arm Sling Neck Cushion on the internet. It only took a few seconds to install and the rubbing was gone. Happy to see it was made in the U.S.A.

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** Always consult a medical professional for advice about treatment of injuries or irritation. If discomfort or pain results, persists or increases, discontinue use and consult a Physician.

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